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Sam Elliott-Smith is an advocate of ‘excellence in all things’. A talented and approachable engager, Sam’s communication skills and ability to bring clarity are evident in the exceptional consultancy she offers to other ambitious property entrepreneurs as a ‘virtual business partner’. This is property specific, dynamic support for directors to support them in meeting their goals, without the need to give away shares, dividends or autonomy. Sam’s diligence and determination to go above and beyond what’s expected have earned her an outstanding reputation for an exceptional work ethic and service.

The consultancy offered is a bespoke combination of strategic thinking, expert advice, planning, sounding board and accountability. This is all designed to enable others to accelerate towards their goals. In a recent personal branding exercise, Sam’s value was described as follows:

“Sam will understand your vision, ensure you are equipped to facilitate it and then inspire you with her contagious dedication to aim directly at the target and achieve your goal with precision, enthusiasm and professionalism.”

If you would like to gain momentum and clarity in your property business, do please get in touch directly with Sam to find out more.

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Some words from our clients

Our ability to create strategic focus and clarity for our clients enables them to accelerate with confidence towards their business goals…

As what was effectively a start up business I had a thousand ideas of what I wanted the business to be. Sam listened, understood and positioned herself exactly where I needed. Helped me focus on what’s important now, at this stage of the business development then plan how and when to introduce other ideas at the right time. A perfect balance of strategic thinking, key event operational support with periodic follow up sessions to reflect and measure where the business is, should be, and going. I’d still be spinning round in circles without Sam and Stopwatch Property Partners.

Tony Horsey

Property Development Manager, Ortus

We had read several books about investing in Houses of Multiple Occupation (HMO’s) and were interested in taking the next steps.  However it seemed like a minefield and there was so much to get our heads round.  We booked a 1:1 session with Sam Elliot-Smith to get a better insight.  It was the best move we made.  Sam’s knowledge is second to none and her clear and accurate guidance and support is priceless.

Sam explains things clearly and her communication from initial contact all the way through has been exemplary.  It is a wonderful reassurance to know that we can call on Sam whenever we have a challenge.  Her reliable and trustworthy nature makes it easy for us. We would have no hesitation in recommending working with Sam to anyone serious about property.

Jo Middleton

Property investor & developer

I have known Sam for a number of years now and over this period have been quietly impressed by her ability to grow and develop her business and personally, whilst also being able to accept and adapt to life’s challenges of which she has her fair share.

As a friend Sam is generous, kind and witty, in business she is calm, diligent and committed. Sam has a great ability to genuinely connect with people and make them feel comfortable and relaxed.

Working with Sam has been a pleasure as I know that I am in capable hands. Sam is always clear and direct in her communication, which leads to less ambiguity and her level of confidence in what she is doing provides a great sense of reassurance, which is important for anyone stressed about what they are doing. From my perspective I know that Sam will get the job done thoroughly and will cover all angles that are required. Nothing gets forgotten. Sam is able to forward think and see the end outcome that is desired which is a key element for making sure any project is successful. Sam is a great person to have as a sounding board giving thoughtful comment about the issue at hand. It is like having a true JV partner working with Sam.

Isabel Knight

Sustainable Business Growth Coach, investor & developer